Jan Rutherford established Publicity & The Printed Word in 1992 as a continuation of a successful career in publishing and broadcasting in Scotland and London.

The agency aims to raise the profile of books, writers and related projects through print, broadcast and online media and through live and virtual events. In a consultancy role, we have offered expertise to The Great Tapestry of Scotland, direct to authors including one of the world’s best-loved writers – Alexander McCall Smith, to book and magazine publishers (in particular Scottish Review of Books) and have worked on all of Scotland’s leading literary awards.

Based in Edinburgh, Publicity & The Printed Word works with writers, publishers, book-related and writing organisations across the UK.

Meet The Team

Jan Rutherford (Publicity & the Printed Word)

With over 25 years experience in the trade, Jan Rutherford has exceptional author and media contacts and organisational skills.

Anna Marshall (Publicity & the Printed Word)

Anna is an arts administrator second to none, an events organiser, fund raiser and book publicist. She is never daunted by a project, never shy of seeking success.

Caleb Rutherford (Eidetic)

A graphic designer specialising in book cover design, retail POS, press and outdoor advertising

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