Alistair Moffat's series of articles in the Scotsman

DNA is the basis of life. Discovered in 1953, its molecular structure revealed how DNA carries all of the genetic information needed for organisms to reproduce. Scientists describe it in sequences of letters and human beings inherit 3 billion from each of their parents. As generations move from place to place, distinctive DNA markers are carried by each and every one of us. In a programme of pioneering research at Edinburgh University, Dr Jim Wilson has been gathering samples of DNA from Scots all across the country and this week, in a new book by Alistair Moffat, and in a series of features in The Scotsman, we discover just what his innovative work has revealed – and where the Scots came from makes for fascinating reading.

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Shortlisted for Major Award

PPW’s Jan Rutherford has been shortlist for the UK’s Publishers’ Publicity Circle Annual Award.

Bookshops in Scotland - A Cause for Celebration

Scottish Review of Books news article published on new bookshop openings this year in Scotland.

From the Library – Orkney Library talks to the Scottish Review of Books

In Celebration of Libraries Week 2017, Scottish Review of Books talks to Louise Graham and the staff of Orkney Library about what makes their library tick