Critical acclaim for Rosemary Goring's Dacre's War

Recent reviews for Dacre’s War:

‘Dacre’s War is an absorbing, dense read, packed with political twists. The Scottish Borders are superbly evoked – this is a land of constant fear and hardship, as well as great beauty. Highly recommended.’
- Antonia Senior, The Times

‘This sequel to After Flodden includes some of the same characters. It is 1523, and the territory is the Scottish Borders, a hotly contested and fought over spot for centuries. When Adam Crozier, head of a powerful local family, learns that Thomas Dacre, now Warden General of the English Marches, and an extremely powerful man himself, is responsible for his father’s death, the idea of vengeance becomes central in Crozier’s mind.
The blood feud bursts into flame once again, ten years after Flodden. Crozier is itching for some face-to-face combat, but his wife urges caution, so, instead, Crozier turns to subtle political machinations to engineer his enemy’s downfall, using the machinery of the English court against Dacre. This is a brilliantly researched and written piece of historical fiction set in the beautiful Scottish Borders, an area where peace didn’t stand much of a chance.’
_ The Good Book Guide

‘This vivid and fast-moving tale of political intrigue and heartache is a must read for history enthusiasts as well as those who love dark romance’
-Scottish Field

‘A fantastic read. Rosemary Goring skilfully and vividly recreates dangerous times on the Scottish Borders in the reign of Henry VIII. A really, gripping story.’
-Sarah Musk, Love Reading

‘A packed and atmospheric tale of intrigue and derring-do in 16th century border country, astoundingly well written with a cracking plot coming to a satisfying conclusion.’ – Sue Broom, Love Reading

‘History at its best, this novel from Rosemary Goring, is powerful, robust, absorbing, and a thoughtful documentation of the battles between England and Scotland, a must for all fans of Tudor history.’ – Sharon Lowe, Love Reading

‘A brilliant book, transporting me back to the 16th century Borderlands, combining fact and fiction in vivid descriptions, with believable characters and a fascinating plot! I loved it.’
-Margaret Freeman, Love Reading

The Great Tapestry of Scotland is on the Move (but there's still time to make your Mark!)

Members of the public are to be given a chance to make a stitch on new welcome panels for the Great Tapestry of Scotland before it moves to its new, purpose built home in Galashiels.

Writing Scotland's Future – July 1999

In 1999 the winner of a national writing competition, Writing Scotland’s Future, was only 11 years old. But her winning entry was strong and on 1 July that year, her poem was read out at the Official Opening of Scotland’s new Parliament. Jan Rutherford was present.

Shortlisted for Major Award

PPW’s Jan Rutherford has been shortlist for the UK’s Publishers’ Publicity Circle Annual Award.