It's All About Words - Alexander McCall Smith

What words should one use in a marriage service? The most important words are those that make up the contract – I do or I will. That’s the legal part, but for most people the relatively soulless terms needed to seal the bargain fall far short of what they want. They want something significant, something poetic…

Friends, my cup overfloweth - Alexander McCall Smith

Penelope Keith is to open a tea room. Alexander McCall Smith approves

A Year in My Life - Alexander McCall Smith

There are a couple of lines from a poem about Belfast that has stuck in my mind since I first read it over thirty years ago. We could all be saved, the poet says, simply by looking up at the hill at the end of the street, yet there is a perverse pride in being on the side of the fallen angels…


From the Library – Orkney Library talks to the Scottish Review of Books

In Celebration of Libraries Week 2017, Scottish Review of Books talks to Louise Graham and the staff of Orkney Library about what makes their library tick

A Year of Spark - Bold Publishing Programme to mark the Centenary of Muriel Spark's birth

2018 is the centenary of Muriel Spark’s birth. One of the great writers of the 20th century, all 22 of her novels will be re-published by Polygon in a bold publishing move, A Year of Spark.

Independent Bookshops - Alexander McCall Smith

In the run up to Bookshop Day – 7 October 2017 – Alexander McCall Smith talks about the joy to be found within your local bookshop.