Independent Bookshops - Alexander McCall Smith

In the run up to Bookshop Day – 7 October 2017 – Alexander McCall Smith talks about the joy to be found within your local bookshop.

Emerging Critics: A chance to develop your skills

Emerging Critics: Presented by Scottish Review of Books in partnership with Creative Scotland

Scottish Review of Books - new website launched

Scottish Review of Books has a new home online.

Alexander McCall Smith - My Italian Bulldozer in the Media

Kevin MacNeil in the Independent with The Brilliant and Forever

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Writing Scotland's Future – July 1999

In 1999 the winner of a national writing competition, Writing Scotland’s Future, was only 11 years old. But her winning entry was strong and on 1 July that year, her poem was read out at the Official Opening of Scotland’s new Parliament. Jan Rutherford was present.

Shortlisted for Major Award

PPW’s Jan Rutherford has been shortlist for the UK’s Publishers’ Publicity Circle Annual Award.

Bookshops in Scotland - A Cause for Celebration

Scottish Review of Books news article published on new bookshop openings this year in Scotland.